Japan Remains One of the Most Intelligent Countries in the World

Japan Remains One of the Most Intelligent Countries in the World

Japan Remains One of the Most Intelligent Countries in the World

Press ReleaseMay 16, 2022

New data collected by the Finnish enterprise confirms that Japan is still one of the most intelligent countries in the world despite strong competition. The data confirms that the Japanese are very good at solving problems and making decisions.

The technological advancement of Japan is also well known around the world. The country has many world-leading companies in a number of industries, including electronics, automobile manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. In fact, Japan is often regarded as the global leader in technological innovation.

Another key strength of Japan is its educational system. The country has a very high literacy rate and its students consistently rank among the best in the world in math and science. Japanese universities are also highly respected, with many of them ranked among the top-performing institutions in the world.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Japan is considered to be one of the most innovative and advanced countries in the world, and this is borne out by the IQ scores of the residents of Japan.

Earlier Research in 2019: The Intelligence of Nations

The trusted Ulster Institute publication, The Intelligence of Nations, has regularly estimated the average IQ of different countries. The results from their most recent research, published in 2019, are shown below.

# Country Average IQ
1. Japan 106.49
2. Taiwan 106.47
3. Singapore 105.89
4. Hong Kong (China) 105.37
5. China 104.10
6. South Korea 102.35
7. Belarus 101.60
8. Finland 101.20

According to The Intelligence of Nations, Japan was the smartest country in 2019 by virtue of a slight lead over Taiwan and Singapore.

New Data in 2022: Worldwide IQ Test

IQ levels change as the population changes. Younger people take IQ tests, while the older population may expand due to extended lifespans. The Worldwide IQ Test has measured the intelligence of people in over 100 countries since 2019. Countries are ranked in accordance with the highest average IQ in the world based on their official IQ test results.

According to the current figures, the most intelligent countries in the world are Taiwan, Japan, Serbia, and Hungary. The residents of Taiwan have an astonishing average IQ score of 116.07 among the test-takers, with the citizens of Japan (112.69), Hungary (111.42), and South Korea (111.36) close behind.

However, the reliability of the score for Taiwan is weakened due to the lower number of tests taken in the country. It seems that only the most brilliant people in the country have taken the test, which could easily distort the results.

Many more tests have been taken in Japan and the score is, therefore, more representative of the whole population. This means that the results for Japan are likely to be more accurate and highly convincing.

# Country Average IQ Standard Deviation
1. Taiwan 116.07 14.26
2. Japan 112.69 12.16
3. Hungary 111.42 15.03
4. South Korea 111.36 14.09
5. Iran 111.33 14.13
6. Hong Kong 111.01 12.74
7. Serbia 110.09 16.69
8. Italy 110.87 15.93
9. Vietnam 109.37 12.49
10. Finland 109.02 18.22

If more people had taken the test in Taiwan, the test data would most likely have confirmed Japan's position as number one in the world.

Japan vs. World (Chart Comparison)

The data put in a chart shows clearly how the Japanese score compared to the rest of the world.

The average IQ score in Japan is much higher than the average score in the world, and the standard deviation smaller. Japanese rarely, if ever, get poor results on the Worldwide IQ Test.

The Company Behind the New Study

Wiqtcom Inc. is a Finnish organization that has been testing intelligence around the world since 2019. The company believes in transparency and wants to share data and knowledge on intelligence and encourage the development of intelligence and healthy lifestyles for individuals.

The community behind the company confirms that there is no doubt that the Japanese are one of the most intelligent, if not the most intelligent, people in the world.

Japanese cars, motorcycles, and electronics are more advanced than anywhere in the world. Toyota and Nissan are tremendous cars, whereas Suzuki and Yamaha dominate the motorcycle industry and are known for their high quality and durability among motorcyclists. Many revolutionary innovations have come from the worldwide leading Japanese electronics industry, such as Sony. It’s a pleasure to have a chance to use these brands in everyday life.

Knowing all this tells everyone that the large number of tests coming from Japan with continually mind-boggling results is convincing - but not surprising.

Worldwide IQ Test

The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a measure of intelligence that has been widely used in the psychological community for over a century. An IQ test is designed to measure a person's cognitive abilities, including problem-solving skills, abstract thinking, and general knowledge.

Our IQ test is reliable, accurate, and culture fair. Many IQ tests require that the participant is capable of speaking a particular language, can understand complex mathematical problems, or understands the significance of an item within the context of a culture. This won't determine true IQ, but rather the ability of an individual within a specific community.

The Worldwide IQ Test overcomes these issues making it a relevant and reliable measurement tool for test-takers around the globe.

Academic Cooperation

We believe it’s our duty to offer our test to be used for free of charge in schools, academies, and universities all over the world. Your most valuable asset is intelligence, and we can help you discover your IQ easily.

A license to use the Worldwide IQ Test is granted under specific terms. You can submit a request for the test license as a teacher, lecturer, or other academic authority by filling out the form on our website.

Once we have verified your request, you will be able to use the test and give your students the vital intelligence information they need to succeed.

Affiliate program

The affiliate marketing program offered by Worldwide IQ Test allows affiliates to earn commissions by referring customers to the IQ test site. There are many benefits to being an affiliate marketer, including earning passive income that doesn't require a physical storefront or inventory.

By using a unique referral ID, you'll receive a commission for every test that is sold, and you'll help to build a wider view of the IQ in every country in the world. Can you help us confirm Japan as the most intelligent country in the world, or will another country take the crown?

Final words

Every test counts - when you take our IQ test, your results will have an effect on the average score for your nation. If you’re of above-average intelligence, you’ll boost the ranking for your country. When enough people do this, you’re sure to hit the number one position.

We know that not everyone has taken our test yet, and we need more people in Taiwan and Japan to prove their IQ to accurately determine which country is the most intelligent.

The residents of Japan have always been considered among the smartest in the world. Now is the time to prove it!

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