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Intelligence testing has been used for many years to help people choose their careers, discover their strengths, and even find out what level of schooling they should receive. There has been criticism of intelligence testing, especially of intelligence testing in schools, but this is more often due to the way in which the tests are presented.

About Worldwide IQ Test

There are stories of intelligence tests holding students back, as they have the potential to become self-fulfilling prophecies – if a child is told they are of below average intelligence, they may live the rest of their lives believing this cannot be changed, but there are ways to improve your memory and intelligence.

The presentation of early IQ tests may have been as written questions, but not every person reads as well as another – but this is not a measure of intelligence. If one person can solve a riddle that is written down, but another person can only solve it when it is read out loud to them, which is the more intelligent? Clearly, a test written in braille is suitable for a blind person, but a fully-sighted person might not understand braille at all – is one more intelligent than the other?

Our tests are designed for intelligence testing – IQ tests, where IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient – they are not for general knowledge, reading comprehension, or any other false idea of intelligence. Are IQ tests biased because of this? They can be – but ours are designed to be as unbiased as possible.

This site will help you to understand more about intelligence, and how to increase your own level of intelligence and cognitive performance with hints and tips based on real scientific studies.

Intelligence testing scale and scores

The purpose of this website is to offer high quality intelligence tests to individuals all around the world. Our tests allow you to measure your intelligence and even to compare your IQ score to other people in your demographic and others.

We want everyone to be able to live their best lives, and so our tests are provided alongside articles that are often written by a doctor from a medical perspective, giving insight on how to improve your cognitive function. Learning to think differently, being physically fit, and living a generally healthy lifestyle are all factors that can affect your performance on an IQ test.

Our test is a real IQ test, but is not a Mensa IQ test. It will provide a good indication of whether you could pass the Mensa test, but will not allow entry to Mensa by itself.

History of Intelligence Testing timeline

IQ tests began with the work of Francis Galton in the late 1800s, but a measurement scale was only produced in 1905 with the partnership between Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon – the Binet-Simon scale. Binet’s tests were based on counting, recognizing objects, and memory, and an average score would show the intelligence level of a population, as well as indicating those who were more (or less) intelligent. Lewis Terman modified the tests and coined the term IQ around 1916.

By 1939, David Weschsler had revised the testing methods further as he felt the Binet tests relied too much on word comprehension. Further developments by others, including Robert Sternberg, led to the belief that there are multiple levels of intelligence within individuals, including academic, practical, and creative intelligences.

Who has designed the Worldwide IQ tests?

The IQ tests on this site were designed by a young and experienced doctor with long experience in the field. The tests have been designed to minimize cultural and physical bias. For example, color blindness will not affect your ability to complete the test.

Intelligence Testing

Our website provides you with a reliable online intelligence quotient test with free instant results. For $11.99 (USD), we can also provide an accurate IQ score with an in-depth peer group analysis in a PDF report.

The quiz comprises 35 exercises within the 24 minutes time limit. Each exercise is either 2x2 or 3x3 box matrix with empty last box which must be logically filled from six options below.

About Free Online IQ Test
Which figure will logically fill the empty box in the grid?

The test only contains graphical figures in black or grey (no letters or numbers) to avoid bias in the intelligence testing. The task difficulty increases gradually to ensure high or top range IQ precision.

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What is Mensa?

Mensa is an international organization with more than 145,000 members worldwide. To join, you must pass Mensa's official quiz, the Mensa IQ test. Mensa is a non-profit organization, and members must achieve a better result than 98% of the population in the official Mensa test. Read more about this in our article Mensa IQ Test Limit.

Mensa IQ Test

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