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Taking an IQ test online allows you to test your intelligence reliably and receive a score to determine if your cognitive function is normal or higher than average. Worldwide IQ Test is anonymous, in addition to being fair and accurate. There is no cultural bias and our tests are always enjoyable to take, giving you a fun way to discover where you are on the intelligence scale.

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Worldwide IQ test provides you with a reliable online intelligence test with instant results. For the low price of just $11.99 (USD), we will also provide an accurate IQ score with an in-depth peer group analysis. Can you match the highest score? Would you be eligible for Mensa?

Backed up with an international database and a full PDF report to highlight your strengths, take our online assessment to see what your cognitive performance level and reasoning abilities are at the moment. It won’t take long, and it could change your life.

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Our international quiz is comprised of 35 exercises and has a 24-minute time limit. Each exercise is either 2x2 or 3x3 box matrix with an empty last box.

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How to prepare for the Mensa test

People who pass the Mensa test can join a very exclusive group of people.
It is highly advisable to prepare carefully for the Mensa test because the test can only be taken once.

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Steps to improve your intelligent quotient

You can easily improve your IQ level by following the simple steps below.

1. Practice with our Intelligence Tests

Practice with the tests that you can find on our site.

Improve your memory naturally by following the steps described in the article How to Improve Memory Naturally.

Learn how to regularly complete scientifically proven brain exercises by following the steps described in the article How to Improve Your IQ Test Score.

General knowledge

You may believe that everyone is born with a certain level of intelligence and that it is set from the very beginning. You’ll be pleased to learn that this is untrue!

Many factors can affect the intelligence that an adult will display, including the environment in which the person grew up in. Where creativity is stifled and problem-solving opportunities are limited, the brain often doesn’t have chance to reach its full potential. The same applies to studying and schooling – if items are learned by rote and there is not space for the brain to be exercised, the level of intelligence may be lower than anticipated.

IQ general knowledge

Further factors that can affect IQ test scores can be purely cultural. A famous quote from well-known genius Albert Einstein, says that if a fish were to be judged by its ability to climb a tree it would live its whole life believing it was stupid. Different cultures around the world have different inherent knowledge, and so the most accurate IQ test adopt a culturally neutral approach, making the test fair for everyone.

Everyone also has the opportunity to improve their IQ score. The environment you grew up in cannot be changed, but your current environment (and habits) can be changed. Once you start making better choices with your nutrition, exercise, and sleeping habits you will find that you begin to excel.

To find out more about intelligence tests and how fair they are, click on the link below.

Special forms of intelligence

While testing your IQ may provide an indication of your overall intelligence, including your problem-solving skills and ability to use logic, there are other types of intelligence that may not be directly measurable in this manner.

People on the autism spectrum may have specific intelligence that can be displayed with different conditions. The movie Rain Man depicted an autistic character with special abilities related to numbers and calculations – if you dropped a quantity of matchsticks on the ground, he would instantly be able to tell you how many there were, even up into the hundreds.

Intelligence and autism

This is a kind of savant syndrome, wherein someone who may have a lower than average IQ has exceptional individual abilities. Other skills that fall under this banner include being able to rapidly multiply large numbers together, recreate maps from memory, name the day of the week for any date in the past, and so on. This is not traditional “intelligence”, but even those with massive IQ scores would struggle to match these feats.

Another related condition is Asperger’s syndrome which affects the ability of sufferers to engage in social interactions or understand non-verbal communication. However, many with AS develop an interest in a particular topic and learn everything they can about it, for example, the names of stars, scores in sporting events and so on. They can recall these facts instantly, displaying superior memory abilities, but with no true understanding of the topic at hand.

If you want to know more about how health can affect your IQ, take a look here.