Academic Cooperation

Free intelligence test licenses for schools, academies, and universities

We are facing enormous global challenges such as climate change, destruction of the environment, inequality (income, discrimination), and large scale conflicts. To overcome these obstacles, we need more fresh thinking and rational decision making.

Academic Cooperation

At Worldwide IQ Test, we feel it’s our duty to offer our test to be used for free of charge in schools, academies, and universities all over the world. We encourage people to cherish their most valuable asset – intelligence.

How do I get free test licenses for myself and my classmates?

We will only grant the license to personnel on certain terms. We recommend you contact your teacher and ask him/her to make a request for you.

How do I get free test licenses for my students?

Wouldn't it be nice to get free licenses for intelligence testing? It is an excellent gift to provide your students with the possibility to know their IQ and develop their intelligence. You can submit a request for the test license as a teacher, lecturer, or other academic authority by filling out the form that opens by clicking on the button below. In the form, we ask you to provide:

1. Your contact information (name, email address, profession)
2. The name and address of your educational establishment
3. The maximum group size and the number of groups you are going to test

Get free test licenses now
by filling out a form →

To ensure that the tests are not used for commercial purposes, we ask you to add a link to your website pointing to our page: The link can either be a plain address shown above, or it may contain an appropriate anchor text of your choice. In the form, we ask you to specify the website address where you are going to add the link.

After submitting the form, you will receive an email summarizing your request. The message also contains detailed steps for building the link. You can show the message to your IT contact if needed.

Once we have received your request, we will review the specified page frequently and send you the license code(s) as soon as we verify the link. Please inform us if you are not able to add the link on the page you have specified, but to a different page on your site instead.

You will receive an email containing a unique code for each test group. The maximum number of tests that can be taken under one license corresponds to the maximum group size you have specified. The licenses expire after 3 months, and the exact dates will be stated in the message. After the expiration of the current licenses, you can request for more free tests by filling out the form on this page as long as our link remains on your website.

How can I use the free license?

You should start the test at the same time for the whole group. After completion of the test, fill out at least the mandatory fields in the form and proceed to preliminary test validation. In the results page, please insert the license code (one common code for the group) into the coupon code field and press APPLY! The amount of total discount should now correspond to the price of the test validation, and you can press VALIDATE THE TEST button without being charged.

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